Opening of Yauhen Shatohin's Exhibition: "MY and Your Belarus"
Wednesday, 19 November 2008 November 16, at 1:00 pm the presentation of the eminent Belarusan graphic artist Yauhen Shatohin's personal exhibition "MY and Your Belarus"  took place at St. Cyril's of Turau Cathedral, where after prolonged repairs the Belarusan Museum in NY has started its function.

This is the artist's first exhibition in North America, in which he has presented his 24 works --- pencil drawings and watercolors --- to Belarusan amateures in the US.

The presentation was opened by Zyanon Pasniak, who talked about Shatohin's career as an artist. The Belarusan politician, historian, and art critic noted that Y. Shatohin's works, which were created during his journeys to different parts of Belarus, reflect the artist's tremendous love to his native Pinsk, to Belarus, to its landscapes and its people. Z. Pazniak paid a special attention to the portraits of villagers. He accentuated Shatohin's skill to "catch" the very essence of his characters, depicting their personality, feelings and their inner world with an outstanding profundity.
Z. Pazniak  also mentioned  Belarusan artists' union "Pahonia" (Chaser), its foundation, function and its part in Belarusan Renaissance and  cultural enlightenment of Belarusan nation. He noted that its members (among which is Yauhen Shatohin) is the vanguard and elite of Belarusan Art.


Yauhen Shatohin thanked all the guests of the vernissage (there were more than 60 people)for their attention to his art. The artist expressed his gratitude to the Belarusan Museum's Council for the giving chance to expose his works in the US. He spoke about his art, his journeys around Belarus, his plans in America and much more.

Among notable guests of the presentation was a chairman of The Belarusan Museum's Council, former director of The Belarusan Museum in occupied Minsk, one of the founder of the Belarusan-American Association Anton Shukeloits. In his speech he noted that in different countries at the head of liberation movements were people of different "political" professions, emphasizing the role of artists in modern Belarusan Renaissance. " In Belarus liberation revival movement was and still is under the big influence of belarusan creative people. The role of Art is undoubtedly great in a come-back of belarusans to "belarusness".

It was true then, and so is it now. Despite hard conditions, artists keep working, keep showing to belarusians beauty and spiritual treasure of the country. This valuable revival work discover and  reflect real Belarus. It is thanks to such artists as Yauhen Shatohin "My and Your Belarus" is reaching out for us.