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Thursday, 18 December 2008 December 14 at 1:00PM, the Belarusin Museum located at 401 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY continues to present a personal exhibition of Belarusan Artist Yauhen Shatohin “My and Your Belarus”. New works have been added to the exhibition. These drawings were created during Shatohin’s stay in New York. Exactly in New York a new series has been started under the code name “Belarusian America”. Places related to the name of Tadeusz Kosciuszko have become the leitmotif of the new works of Yauhen Shatohin. Several portraits of figures of contemporary emigration have fallen within the exposition. One of the versions of the portrait of Kanstancin Astrozhski (Vorsha. Night before Battle), which the artist has been working on for several years, is also being exhibited.
The artist himself defines his works made in the United States as a material for his future work in Belarus where he is heading at the end of this year. “Plain-air” carried out by the artist in the United States was very effective. It has been a good start for the future work. “What happens next – time will reveal” – said Yauhen Shatohin.

This is the first ever exhibition of Yauhen Shatohin on the American Continent. 

Starting from 1970s and until now, works of Yauhen Shatohin were exhibited mainly in Europe: France, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Russia, and Ukraine. I can’t help mentioning Y. Shatohin’s active exhibition work in his Homeland, in Belarus. Just in 2008, personal exhibitions of the artist were held in Brest, Polazk, Vitebsk, and Minsk.

We invite everyone to visit the new exhibition “My and Your Belarus”, after Liturgy, at 12-noon.  












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