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Opening of Aliaksandr Grygoriev's personal exhibition Print
Thursday, 14 February 2008

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.On February 10th 2008 at St. Cyril's of Turau Cathedral, a new art exhibition was open. It is organized by the Belarusian Museum of New York. The artist Aliaksandr Grygoriev has his exhibition in USA for the first time. He was able to bring only a small part of his pictures for this exhibition. Two of them he is presenting to the Belarusian Museum.

The leader of Belarusan Popula Front Zianon Pazniak gave a speech. He emphasized how important to organize such events for the national revival. Here in a foreign country we can meet Belarusian art.

Alaksandr Grygoriev’s art has very typical allegorical thinking, it has a distinctive artistic language. The main tune of the paintings is a manner of originality, which is so similar to the creations by Ecsuperi. When one looks into the painting more closely, it is possible to see the hidden Belarusian mentality. Besids fine art painting, the artist is working also in the fields of graphic and theatre decorative arts.

In honor of the city of Brest, the native city of Alaksandr Grygoriev, Lina Sahanovitch performed song “Brest waltz”. Together with Tatiana Krasouskaya she read poems by Ivan Lahvinovitch about the nostalgia.





















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