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Belarusan Museum in New York opened Ales Marachkin's exhibition "My Dreams" Print
Saturday, 21 February 2009
 On February, 15 Belarusan Museum of New York (St.Cyril of Turau Cathedral, Brooklyn NY) opened Ales Marachkin's personal exhibition "My Dreams".
It was a pretty busy week for the head of the union of Belarusans of the world "Batskaushchyna" (Fatherland) and one of the founders of the art society "Pahonia" (Chaser) Ales Marachkin.
February 7th: the next day after his flight to New York he took part in the protest held in front of the UN headquarters dedicated to the forced military draft of young Belarusians with clear political implications.
February 12th: "Art against dictatorship" exhibition was opened at the headquarters of the German Marshall Fund of the United States (Washington D.C.).
And just one day before his flight back to Belarus Ales Marachkin opened his personal exhibition.
"Art against dictatorship" exhibition was opened in Washington, D.C. Print
Wednesday, 18 February 2009
 On February 12, "Art against dictatorship" exhibition of Belarusan dissidents' art was opened at the headquarters of the German Marshall Fund of the United States.

There was also a discussion on the current situation in Belarus with Belarusan Diaspora members, Belarusan artists, representatives of diplomatic missions accredited in Washington , U.S. governmental officials and NGOs' representatives.

During the discussion the participants exchanged their views on the current situation in Belarus. They were discussing latest changes in the country (the so called "liberalization"), European Union's policy towards Belarus, and what American policy towards Belarus should look like under the new administration. The discussion was moderated by Pavol Demes, director of German Marshall Fund's Belarusan program. Belarusan artists Ales' Shaternik and Ales' Marachkin, The Third Way community coordinator Pavel Marozau, human rights activists Irina Krasouskaya and Tatyana Protko, and the archbishop of Belarusan Autocephalous Church Svyataslau were among the participants. David Swartz, the first U.S. ambassador to Belarus contributed to the discussion as well. 
Personal art exhibition "Dreams" of Alyaksey Marachkin Print
Sunday, 08 February 2009
 Belarusian Museum of New York announces a personal art exhibition "Dreams" of Alyaksey Marachkin. The exhibition opens with a reception for Marachkin on Sunday, February 15, 2009 at 12.30 p.m. Alyaksey Marachkin (Ales' Mara) is a freelance artist. He was born on March 30, 1940 in Papowshchyna village (now Novaya Slabada). At the present moment he lives in Minsk.

A.Marachkin finished school in Yazyorsk (1958), he graduated from The Vitsyebsk Pedagogical Institute (now The Vitsyebsk State University) --- the faculty of graphic art (1962), from The Belarusian State Institute of Theatre and Arts (now The Belarusian Academy of Arts) ---the faculty of painting (1972).

He worked as a school teacher of graphic drawing and technical drawing in Rubel, a village, Stolin Region, in Zhodzina and Minsk. He taught in the Belarusian State Institute of Theatre and Arts, was the head of the department of painting The Belarusian Academy of Arts. He is an associate professor. 
Grand Opening of Shaternik’s Personal Exhibition “The Sun Cross” in New York Print
Wednesday, 21 January 2009
 On January 18, 2009 the Belarusian Museum in New York hosted Ales Shaternik’s personal art exhibition “The Sun Cross”. Ales Shaternik is a famous Belarusian sculptor and artist. The exhibition also gives you an opportunity to get acquainted with his first poems. The fact that an artist has started to write poems proves that he is in constant development.
The majority of the paintings are landscapes. The beauty of Belarusian nature is manifested by way of expressing its real mood, which is vital and substantial for the artist himself.

“Tsna River”(canvas, oil 2006) had a great emotional influence on those present at the exhibition. The painting is a piece of fine art; it gives you a real sense of Nature’s beauty. “The Holy Spirit itself is in the painting”, says Zianon Pazniak who did a thorough art analysis of Shaternik’s creative work. The painting makes an impression of being three-dimensional.  

Every single painting of Shaternik is a striking proof of his extraordinary ability to use color and light techniques.
Friday, 02 January 2009

On January 18 at 12:30 pm at Belarusan Museum located 401 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn,  N.Y. an opening reception of the art exhibition "SONCAKRYZH" and a meeting with a well-known Belarusan sculptor and artist Ales Shaternik will take place. Ales will not only present his fine art pieces, but will present his newly published album-book "SONCAKRYZH," which consists of three parts: Form, Color and Word. As the author acknowledges about his art "Painting is two-dimensional, Sculpture is three- dimensional and Poetry is getting beyond those two closer to fourth dimension – Gods' words –"In the beginning there was a word …" 

"SONCAKRYZH" – a poem written by Ales Shaternik in 2002, is poetic-metaphoric depicture of Father and Mother, Sorrow and Joy, Life and Eternity… Ales is known as a sculptor and artist during the presentation of his book "SONCAKRYZH" in Minsk was highly praised as a author of poetic impressions by well known poets Ales Riazanov, Nil  Hilevich and literature critic Arsen Lis.

Ales Shaternik is a member of the art group "Pahonia." He is known as one of the authors of the idea and a creator of the Belarusan Freedom Bell and the monument to Tadeusz Kościuszko, installed in the US embassy in Minsk. The sculptor worked on restoration of Clinton's bench in Kurapty, which was vandalized 12 times by unknown people.

Thursday, 18 December 2008 December 14 at 1:00PM, the Belarusin Museum located at 401 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY continues to present a personal exhibition of Belarusan Artist Yauhen Shatohin “My and Your Belarus”. New works have been added to the exhibition. These drawings were created during Shatohin’s stay in New York. Exactly in New York a new series has been started under the code name “Belarusian America”. Places related to the name of Tadeusz Kosciuszko have become the leitmotif of the new works of Yauhen Shatohin. Several portraits of figures of contemporary emigration have fallen within the exposition. One of the versions of the portrait of Kanstancin Astrozhski (Vorsha. Night before Battle), which the artist has been working on for several years, is also being exhibited.
The artist himself defines his works made in the United States as a material for his future work in Belarus where he is heading at the end of this year. “Plain-air” carried out by the artist in the United States was very effective. It has been a good start for the future work. “What happens next – time will reveal” – said Yauhen Shatohin.
Opening of Yauhen Shatohin's Exhibition: "MY and Your Belarus" Print
Wednesday, 19 November 2008 November 16, at 1:00 pm the presentation of the eminent Belarusan graphic artist Yauhen Shatohin's personal exhibition "MY and Your Belarus"  took place at St. Cyril's of Turau Cathedral, where after prolonged repairs the Belarusan Museum in NY has started its function.

This is the artist's first exhibition in North America, in which he has presented his 24 works --- pencil drawings and watercolors --- to Belarusan amateures in the US.

The presentation was opened by Zyanon Pasniak, who talked about Shatohin's career as an artist. The Belarusan politician, historian, and art critic noted that Y. Shatohin's works, which were created during his journeys to different parts of Belarus, reflect the artist's tremendous love to his native Pinsk, to Belarus, to its landscapes and its people. Z. Pazniak paid a special attention to the portraits of villagers. He accentuated Shatohin's skill to "catch" the very essence of his characters, depicting their personality, feelings and their inner world with an outstanding profundity.
Z. Pazniak  also mentioned  Belarusan artists' union "Pahonia" (Chaser), its foundation, function and its part in Belarusan Renaissance and  cultural enlightenment of Belarusan nation. He noted that its members (among which is Yauhen Shatohin) is the vanguard and elite of Belarusan Art.


Personal Exhibition of Yauhen Shatohin Print
Monday, 10 November 2008

 On November 16 at 1:00PM, the Belarusan Museum located at 401 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY will hold an opening reception for the personal exhibition of Yauhen Shatohin.  Shatohin is a leading artist of Belarusan Renaissance and a member of the Pagonya artists' group.  His art opens a door to Belarus which is difficult not to love, images of the native woodlands, the lake region dwellers, and landscapes of the Vitebsk region.  Yauhen's lanscapes, portraits, and still lives are a vivid contribution to Belarusan culture.  His work reflects his love of his native land and a profound understanding of its historic and cultural heritage. The name of the exhibition "My and your Belarus" is not a coinsidense.

Shatohin has become a member of the artists union in 1982.  He received the union's medal for achievements in the fine arts.  In 1988, Shatohin founded and subsequently directed the Children's School of Fine Arts in Pinsk.  In 1997, his employment was terminated and he was prosecuted because of his involvement in the opposition to the dictatorship.

Shatohin's works are on exhibit in the Belarusan National Museum of Fine Arts and Belarusan Museum of Modern Art in Minsk, Museum of History and Culture in Zaslauye,  Museum of Belarusan Woodlands in Pinsk,  Museum of Recovered Treasures in Brest, Russian Ministry of Culture Fund in Moscow,  Ukrainian Artists Union Fund in Kiev, Yachtwerf Museum in Berlin, and others.

Exhibition of Uladzimir Novak: A Winter Motives Print
Tuesday, 16 September 2008
Dear Friends, You are cordially invited to the exhibition "A Winter Motives" by Belarusan artist Uladzimir Novak, which will be opened on October 5,  2008, at 12 pm. There will be a retrospective show of oil paintings created by the artist during recent years.
Exhibition "Art against dictatorship" in the Estonian parliament Print
Thursday, 12 June 2008

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.On June 11 in the Estonian parliament an exhibition of Belarusian artists "Art against dictatorship" began. The authors of the exhibition are not only such famous Belarusian artists like Ales Marachkin and Ales Shaternik, who have been persecuted by the Belarusian authorities for their views. Their works are exhibited in Tretyakovsky gallery and the White House. There are also young artists, who think differently, than the current Belarusian regime wants them to, who want to have not only the freedom of work, but freedom of life in their country.

In the exhibition there are works of Belarusian artists Ales Shaternik, Ales Marachkin, Yury Platonau, Yanka Romanovitch and Julia Shaternik. They all are members of the art group "Pahonia", which is well known by its adherence to the ideas of democracy and national revival of Belarus. That is why the Belarusian authorities hate it.

The exhibition is put-up for presentation of the Alternative Belarus, country with deep historical traditions and European culture, with its creative elite, who is not ready to agree with the current order of things in the country. That Belarus was always a part of European cultural space.

An Anniversary exhibition: Belaruian painting and graphic art Print
Thursday, 27 March 2008

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.On March 23, 2008, in the 90th anniversary of the proclamation of Belarusan People Republic, the Belarusan Museum in New York opened an anniversary exhibition of the Belarusian painting and graphic art. Exactly a year ago the Belarusian Museum was organized. For this time there were 5 art exhibitions with the participation of famous Belarusian artists. 

IN the exhibition there are works by Ales Marachkin, Siarzhuk Tsimokhau, Yauhen Shatokhin, Mikola Kupava, Uladzimir Novak, Ales Shaternik, Genadz Drazdou, Yagor Batalyonak, Anatol Baranouski, Alexander Grigoriev, Mikhail Karpuk, Zmitser Epshtein, Julia Shaternik, Kanstantsin Selikhanau..

All together there were 32 works of art exhibited. The art works are of different styles: from impressionism with realism to abstraction and cubism.

Long Live Belarus!

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