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Exhibition of Belarusian artists is being staged these days in the United States Congress Print
Thursday, 26 November 2009
Art against Disctatorship in USA House of representativesExhibition of Belarusian artists “Art Against Dictatorship” is being held these days in Washington. Grand opening took place on November, 23 at the entrance hall of the House of Representatives, in the Rayburn office building.

It was attended by representatives of Belarusian Diaspora in the US, US Congress and State Department officials, American NGOs, press, and private collectors of modern art. Speeches of welcome were made by a number of distinguished artists, as well as civic activists, including Pavel Marozau, one of the art exhibition organizers and ‘Third Way’ community leader; Orest Deychakiwsky, representative of the US Congress Helsinki Commission, Belarusian artists Ales’ Shaternik, Yalena Tylkina and Yahor Batalonak, Belarusan Museum of New York and Belarusan Youth Movement of America representatives.

According to Pavel Marozau, “Art Against Dictatorship” exhibition is a successful case of public diplomacy. “Meanwhile Belarusian government is unable to build reliable relations with the world’s leading country artists are able to reach minds and hearts of Americans. They present the best samples of Belarusian art and themselves represent those Belarusian citizens that are conscious about preserving national language and culture, democracy and human rights promotion in Belarus”, - Pavel Marozau said.
Marachkin, Batalyonak and “Sys” in “Polatsak” of Cleveland Print
Friday, 13 November 2009
Art Exhibition in Cleveland On November 6, two exhibitions of Belarusian artists – “Abjareg” (averter) by Yahor Batalyonak and “Mae mary” (my dreams) by Aliaksei Marachkin – have opened in a public hall “Polatsak” in Strongsville, Ohio, not far from Cleveland.

That day, about forty Belarusians gathered in “Polatsak” to admire the artworks created by our famous artists and had the opportunity to talk to them and ask numerous questions.

Welcome speech was delivered by Siarhei Ramanyuk – a manager of one of the most influential Belarusian centers in North America. Paintings with Belarusian landscapes created a positive mood and helped to recall our homeland once again, to remember mother’s home and our Belarus.

“In recent years, events like this do not take place as regularly as we would like them to, and the visit of such famous guests from Belarus is an important occasion for all of us” – mentioned Siarhei. “This evening, with the help of our friends from New York, we try to evoke interest of belarusians in our native art and make events like this to occur more often.”
Exhibition “Art against Dictatorship” in Oslo, Norway Print
Thursday, 12 November 2009 travelling exhibition “Art against Dictatorship” took place from October, 29 to November, 5 in the city hall of the capital of Norway Oslo. The exhibition includes 32 works by 11 Belarusian artists who live in Belarus or the USA: Ales Marachkin, Ales Pushkin, Ales Shaternik, Yagor Batalyenak, Genadz Drazdou, Mikola Kupava, Julia Shaternik, Yury Platonau, Janka Ramanovich, Alena Tylkina and Siarhei Arden.

The grand opening of the exhibition on October, 29 was attended by about 200 people including Norwegian politicians, representatives of the Liberal and Socialist left parties of Norway, Belarusian artists and dissidents Ales Shaternik, Ales Pushkin, Alena Tylkina and Pavel Marozau, Norwegian TV and radio reporters, Belarusian musicians (ethno-jazz band from Minsk, Belarus “Akana NHS”)

The exhibition coordinator and the leader of The Congress of the new generation of Belarusian Diaspora in Europe and the United States Pavel Marozau: “The Exhibition “Art against Dictatorship” started in the summer of 2008 and represents alternative Belarus, a country of free-thinking, creative people. It addresses the problems of the freedom of creativity and self-expression, human rights in Belarus. You cannot change Belarus and bring it closer to Europe through politics, but you can do it through culture. We have powerful cultural movement of artists, musicians who see our country free and European“.

"Abjareg" by Yahor Batalyonak opened in Belarusian New York Print
Thursday, 05 November 2009 October 25th, Belarusian Museum in New York featured the exhibition of Yahor Batalyonak’s paintings entitled "Abjareg". Twenty six artworks which the artist has brought from his native land were presented to about fifty guests at the public hall of St. Cyril Turau Cathedral in Brooklyn.

Some visitors of the exhibition had tears in their eyes while looking at the artist’s paintings; obviously, every one of his artworks reminds of our Belarus, which is so far from us and so close at the same time.

Depiction of nature and Belarusian life style are major themes in Yahor Batalyonak’s works. The sun, meadows, forests, an intricate road, a spring thaw – everything reminds us of Motherland and brings us closer to it.

The performance of Zmitser Sidarovich and Tatsiana Mataphonava, musicians who came from Minsk to the US to participate in a number of events organized by Belarusian community, made the exhibition even more emotional. The song “Pagonya” by Maksim Bagdanovich performed by Tatsiana and the sounds of Belarusian traditional “duda” deeply touched our souls. 

Ryhor Batalyonak`s Solo Exhibition '"Abjareg" Print
Sunday, 25 October 2009
belarusan exhibitionOn October 25th at 12.30 p.m. Belarusan Museum in New York located at 401 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. presents an opening reception of the exhibition "Abjareg" and a meeting with a Belarusan artist Ryhor Batalyonak .

Ryhor Batalyonak was born at the village of Viaikiya Trukhanovichi, the Vitebsk Region Belarus. In 1970 graduated from the Vitebsk State Pedagogical Institute, the department of art and graphic arts.

He's a member of the Union of Artists of Belarus.

Ryhor Batalyonak was awarded a 2nd Category Diploma of the Union Artists of the RB 1989, first prize of the UN Mission in Belarus 1996.

His works are in the National Art Museum of the RB, Board of Directors of Art Galleries in the Union of Artists of Belarus, in private collections of England, Arab Emirates, Belarus, Italy, Israel, Germany, Holland, Spain, Canada, France, Sweden.

Welcome to the exhibition of Belarusian artist!

On August 23rd, 2009, The Belarusian Museum Presented Serge Arden's Photo exhibition. Print
Friday, 28 August 2009
 On August 23rd 2009, an art exhibition of Serge Arden entitled "Photo Still Life" was held at the public hall of St Cyril Turau Cathedral, located at 401 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.
Visitors enjoyed an exhibition consisting of 14 photo art works and 5 paintings. The photo presentation constitutes a new path in the museum's activities  since, previously, photographic works had not been exhibited at our cultural centre.

Zianon Pazniak, the art critic, gave the audience an intelligent and detailed critique of Arden’s works. He noted that the artist possesses an excellent sense of color and projection. Everyone agreed with this view since the brightness of the works both elevated the visitors’ mood in addition to creating a very warm atmosphere throughout the exhibition venue.

Many of Serge’s photographic still-life compositions dealt, allegorically, with Biblical themes such as the triumph of light over darkness and of life over death through the medium of faith.
Serge Arden personal photo still life exhibition Print
Wednesday, 12 August 2009 August 23 at 1 pm at Belarusan Museum located 401 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. an opening reception of the photo still life exhibition and a meeting with a Belarusan photo artist Serge Arden will take place.

Serge Arden was born in Belarus. Lived and studied in Moscow. Earned Master of Fine Arts Degree from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design and Moscow State University, Russia.  During these years has been studying  academic oil and acrylic painting , drawing, monumental art, iconography, classical and contemporary photography and history of arts.

Moved to the United States in 1997. Has resided in New York ever since and currently works as a designer, fine art photographer and experimental painter.

At present he is involved in a creative project consisting of abstract paintings which represent a synthesis of post-impressionism, orphism, analytical cubism, abstract expressionism and also the ideas of Zenphilosophy.
Yelena Tylkina’s Solo exhibition “Dreams and Reflections” Print
Friday, 17 July 2009 June 7, 2009, The Belarus Museum in Brooklyn hosted an opening reception of the exhibition ”Dreams and Reflections” of the Belarusian artist Yelena Tylkina. This retrospective contained a dramatic and colorful presentation of 34 works, including watercolor still lifes, pastel interiors, surrealistic acrylic paintings, and ink and pencil fantasy drawings from 1979 to 2009.

The honorary guest, Zenon Paznyak, the renown critic and exiled Belarusian political figure, gave a perceptive and emotional speech, discussing the complex, 30 years long journey of Tylkina’s artistic vision. After Zenon Poznyak’s encouraging critique, the artist, Yelena Tylkina gave a statement - explanation about her artistic beliefs and influences. Art lovers of New York City from different cultural backgrounds and supporters of the Belarus Museum had a wonderful time, enjoying the diversities of Yelena Tylkinas’s extraordinary art, Belarusian cuisine and passionate debates on art, politics and world affairs.  

Yelena Tylkina is a new and active member of the traveling Belarusian art exhibition ”Art against Dictatorship”, working hand to hand with famous Belarusian artists such as Ales Marochkin, Ales Shaternik, Mikola Kupava and others. Artists Yelena Tylkina and Julia Shaternik are the feminine force of the Belarusian Museum which is going to leave a mark in the history of art. 

Sunday, 03 May 2009 June 7 at 1 pm at Belarusan Museum located 401 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. an opening reception of the art exhibition “DREAMS and REFLECTIONS” and a meeting with a Belarusan artist Yelena Tylkina will take place. Yelena will present retrospective art work created from 1979 to 2009.

Yelena Tylkina was born in 1965, in the City of Orsha, Vitebsk Province, Belarus.  She had her first exhibition at the age of 13. She completed all her Art education in Belarus and Russia with honors. Her studies in art included oil, acrylic, watercolor and pastel painting, graphics, sculpture, murals, and portraiture.

Each and every one of her works is a philosophical, social and psychoanalytical essay which is contemporary yet timeless, emotionally deep and always professionally executed. Yelena Tylkina creates a poetic world which is real, sublime and spiritual. Her style of work includes Figurative Symbolism, Surrealism, Imaginary Realism, Graffiti and Erotica.

In 1989, she immigrated to United States and lives in New York City. Yelena Tylkina has won several awards and honors for her contribution to the art world nationally and internationally and her work is included in many private and corporate collections all over the globe.

Belarusian “Art against Dictatorship” again in Washington D.C. Print
Monday, 13 April 2009 exhibition “Art against Dictatorship” continues to travel to museums across the USA. We would remind you that the exhibition has been displayed in the Estonian parliament in Tallinn, at the headquarters of the German Marshall Fund of the United States in Washington D.C. and Belarusian Museum of New York earlier.

This time the exhibition was hosted by the Fund for American Studies in Washington D.C. The event was met with considerable interest by college students from all over the world engaged in various educational programs of TFAS.

The exhibition presents works by Ales Shaternik, Ales Marachkin, Mikola Kupava, Rygor Batalionak, Genadz Drazdou, Yury Platonau, Yanka Romanovitch, Yelena Tylkina and Julia Shaternik. The cardinal concept of the exhibition is to bring the ideas of struggle for freedom and democracy against dictatorship still existing in present times through the power of Art.

Matthew Kwasiborski, the Prague Programs Director for the Fund for American Studies opened the reception and reviewed the political situation in Belarus, difficulties Belarusian artists-democrats facing back home. He also introduced the programs and events launched by the Fund for American Studies.

The Belarusan Museum of New York is hosting a new art exhibition "Art Against Dictatorship" Print
Wednesday, 01 April 2009

The exhibition has already been shown in the Estonian Parliament in Tallinn, at the headquarters of the German Marshall Fund of the United States in Washington D.C., and, from April 1st, 2009, the exhibit will continue in the Fund for American Studies in Washington D.C.

The creative forces behind the exhibition are the famous Belarusian artists  Ales Marachkin, Ales Shaternik, Rygor Batalionak, Mikola Kupava ,  as well as young artists Yanka Romanovitch, Yury Platonau, and artists of the new wave of the Belarusian  Diaspora abroad such as Yelena Tylkina and Julia Shaternik.

The exhibition includes 37 paintings, in addition to graphic works by Mikola Kupava, and a bronze bust sculpture of Vasil Bykau by Ales Shaternik (2005). Ales Marachkin, the famous master of conceptualism, presents his well-known paintings “The Wall”, “Russian Chastooshka”, “Cain and Abel” among others.  

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